How do I attach a Large Walker Bag?

Front     Back     Rollator

The photos above show the front and back of a standard walker with a Large Walker Bag attached.  Simply open the straps, attach the center strap first (you may need to make it a little tighter or a little looser once you attach the side straps).  Attach the top side straps next, making sure to wrap them above the top center bar of the walker and around the side bars.  Then attach the bottom side straps as shown.  For best results, press the VELCRO™ attachments together securely, and make sure the straps are adjusted to be tight.  Straps are adjustable to allow for walkers that may vary a bit in size.  Attach the walker bag to a rollator with the pockets to the outside, securing the tote using the center strap wrapped around the center bar and the side straps as shown in the above photo.


How do I attach a Mini Walker Bag?

Outside Right   Inside Left

The first photo above shows the Mini Walker Bag attached to the outside right of the walker, near the back.  This small bag can also be attached on the inside of the walker at the left rear if you prefer to have it on the left side (second photo).  Make sure the VELCRO™ attachment is pressed together securely.


What can I carry in my Walker Bag?

Your Large Walker Bag is designed to carry items such as a 16.9 FL OZ water bottle (or another plastic bottle of similar size), a book, a newspaper, a magazine, or other items of similar size and weight.  Be careful not to overload your tote with anything too heavy to prevent tipping.  Your Mini Walker Bag is designed to carry most cell phones, a lipstick, a small wallet or other light-weight items. 


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